Financial benchmarking information

The number of school employees whose gross annual salary is £100,000 or more

Gross Annual Salary Band 2020/21

£100,000 – £110,000 0

£110,001 – £120,000 0

£120,001 – £130,000 0

£130,001 – £140,000 0

Covid Catch-Up Funding Package 2020/21

The school received an amount of £4140.00. This funding was used towards the purchase of an online learning program which is used for all pupils from F2 to Y6. The program includes Reading Eggs which is used with pupils from F2 to Year 3 and Reading Eggspress from year 4 to year 6. It also includes Fast Phonics which follows the Letters and Sounds resource and Mathseeds for pupils from F2 to year 2 and Mathletics for pupils from year 3 to year 6.

Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Mathletics makes learning essential reading, maths and phonics skills, easy and fun. The programme uses a highly motivating sequence of online reading lessons, activities and books that keep pupils engaged and on task.

Diagnostic test allows pupils to work at different reading, phonic and maths levels within the Reading Eggs programme. Staff have used these results to set the appropriate level of work for each pupil within this programme. As the children move through the levels, pupils, staff and parents can monitor their progress. Reading Eggs gives teachers and parents a clear view of children’s attainment and progress and a clearer view of narrowing gaps.

Through the use of Reading Eggs we hope to re-engage pupils in their own learning and enhance a love of reading, phonics and maths.

Targetted support in Y2 was also funded from the catch-up package in the form of an additional TA for 2 days per week in Autumn 2, to carry out Phonics interventions. Initial Y2 phonics screening checks were carried out to assess gaps. Daily teacher assessment during phonics interventions led to an outcome of a 70% (21/30) pass rate. 33% of the cohort made more than 10 points progress from Y1.