Welcome to Year 6




Y6 Mission Statement

In year 6 we aim to come to school with a smile and a positive attitude everyday.

We promise to respect others and their opinions.

We will always try our best and work together to solve problems.

We promise to keep ourselves organised and our work and classroom tidy.

We will always use our manners and show kindness to others.

Everyday we will work hard and try to inspire others.

We promise to be fair, loyal and truthful at all times.

We promise to enjoy ourselves and have fun whilst learning



Y6 Quotes

I am developing greater maths skills and improving my knowledge of vocabulary and language.

Learning is fun in year 6 and challenging.

We are starting to expand our personal attributes in our learning.

I like being challenged in year 6.

We enjoy setting a good example for the younger children.

I look forward to reading the new books each half term in English.

Our classroom has many resources to help us with our work.

I enjoy English and like to learn new things.

I like our classroom displays because they are decorated nicely and they help us.

Our working walls inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

The teachers are amazing

Y6 Curriculum Overview

Meet The Teachers Year 6

Mrs Begum

Mrs Begum


Miss Dyall

Miss Dyall

Teaching Assistant