What does that mean? 

First of all, it means that we have a beautiful old woodland in our school grounds.  

High Green Woodland School is situated to the rear of High Green Primary School and forms a small triangular piece of wooded land. The surface geology would suggest that coal mining activities have been carried out here in the past. Many of the trees, however, are very mature possibly being planted over 100 years ago. There is a remarkable variety of native trees for such a small area. These include Beech, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Field Maple, Elm, Elder, Sycamore, Hawthorn, Ash and Pear. The Field Maples are especially large specimens. There is a good growth of flowering plants, especially Cow Parsley beside the footpath which adds to the attractiveness of the area in spring and summer. The area has been developed to include a seating circle and an arched entrance.  

Secondly, it means that… 

  • We understand and value the benefits of being in the woodland and immersed in a green space. 

  • We recognise that learning outdoors is an engaging and exciting way to enhance children’s learning.  


Benefits of being outdoors. 

  • Improves children’s mood. 

  • Reduces feelings of stress or anger. 

  • Helps children to take time out and feel more relaxed. 

  • Improves physical health by being more active. 

  • Improves confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Helps children to develop relationships  

  • Improves concentration for post learning. 


Our approach to outdoor learning supports HGPS… 

  • Relationships Policy (Trauma Informed Approach) 

  • Active Charter 

  • Rationale for RSHE 

  • Rationale for Cultural Capital 

  • Rationale for SMSE 

  • Behaviour & Anti-Bullying Policy 

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