Welcome to Year 5!



Year 5 Mission Statement

We will respect everyone and take care of our school environment.

Our goal is to include everyone in our games and respect the thoughts and feelings of others.

We must be polite and treat others as we would like to be treated.

We will always show good sportsmanship

and always persevere and try our best.



Y5 Quotes

I like school and all the teachers. We get a lot of attention.

What I like is how support our school is. If you win an award everyone always cheers for you.

I like the way the teachers help you if you struggle.

I like all the festivals the school puts on.

I like the breaks we have and the equipment that is out for us to use.

Sometimes the lessons are a little bit tricky but the teachers will help you.

I like school because we have fun and do different types of lessons.

Y5 Curriculum Overview

Homework Projects



Meet The Teachers Year 5

Mrs Cadman

Mrs Cadman


Mrs Hiner

Mrs Hiner

Teaching Assistant