Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 Mission Statement

We will… 

  • Work hard and try our best…always give it a go! 
  • Listen carefully to the adults and children 
  • Say kind words and encourage each other 
  • Look after our classroom and school 
  • Play nicely and let everyone join in 
  • Help and care for each other
  • Share… sharing is caring! 
  • Always tell the truth 
  • Have fun! 

Year 2 Quotes

“I love school because it’s fun” 

“I like maths and computing.” 

“I like playing with my friends at playtime.” 

“I like school because you get to spend time with your friends.” 

“I like school because the teachers make it fun.” 

“I love guinea pigs and when we get to take them home.” 

“P.E is fun!” 

Y2 Curriculum Overview

Meet The Teachers

Miss Thompson


Mrs Monkman

Teaching Assistant