27 May 2022, 1.00pm – 3.15pm


High Green Primary school colour run will take place on the 27th May 2022 and will begin after registration in the afternoon. 


Each class will run a specified number of laps around the school field whilst ducking and diving between paint explosions ! 

Y6 will aim to run 5 laps they will start at 1:10 

Y5 will aim to run 5 laps they will start at 1:30 

Y3 will aim to run 3 laps they will start at 1:50 

Y2 will aim to run 3 laps they will start at 2:10 

Y1 & F2 will aim to run 2 laps they will start at 2:30 

Y4 will aim to run 5 laps they will start at 2:50  

Footwear and clothing  

Please note we cannot guarantee that the paint will not stain some types of clothing and footwear, please send your child with old shoes or we suggest wellies. The children are not permitted to run barefoot due to health and safety reasons. Old clothes are strongly recommended. The children can wear goggles, sunglasses, funny glasses etc to protect their eyes. We also suggest wearing a hat/ cap. 

The children will be coming home straight after the colour run so if traveling by car we recommend bringing an old towel to dust off excess powder and bin bags to protect your car seats. 

Normal soap and water should be used to remove coloured powder from the skin and hair. Some colour may linger on blonde hair for a few days. 

The Paint 

The coloured powder is made from corn starch and food standard colours. We can provide a full list of ingredients if required. If you have any questions about  the paint, please email fots@highgreen.sheffield.sch or speak to Joanna Evans at school. 


Throughout the afternoon fots will be selling refreshments so please send your child with money in a purse or envelope with their name on if you would like them to buy something. 

We will also be selling additional packets of coloured powder for you to throw at your child. 

( please ensure this is only used on the school field ) 

Consent forms 

No child will be allowed to run without a parent/guardian completing the consent form on parentmail. 

If you do not wish your child to take part in the colour run, we will make sure to include them in the event in other ways. 

Finally, the children really enjoy the colour run in fact it’s the most requested event. 

 we strongly recommend you join in with your child!!