Welcome to Year 6.

Y6 Mission Statement

We promise to be respectful to other people, other people’s belongings, and ourselves. This includes being polite and friendly towards EVERYONE, all the time.

As good citizens of the world, we will be kind and fair to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or whether they are our friends or not.

We promise to be encouraging and helpful to our classmates, and help them be the best that they can be.

We promise to take risks, in order to challenge ourselves. We will push ourselves beyond our comfort zones, and try new things.

When things are difficult, or haven’t gone well, we will be resilient and try again. We will do our best to bounce back positively from knockbacks.

We will be FOCUSED in lessons and always try our best. We will listen, and not speak when other members of the class are speaking.

We are committed to working hard all of the time.

We will contribute to an environment where we can learn effectively, and have great fun!

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Y6 Quotes

I love coming to school each day – I have a real laugh with my friends 

I’m looking forwards to our residential trip to Winmarleigh Hall in June. 

Science is great! The experiments help me to understand. 

Mrs Roberts helps me a lot. 

Our class is a relaxed and happy place to be. 

I like having goals to work towards – it helps show I’m making progress. 

I love the story we are reading together, “Beetle Boy”. I can’t wait to find out what happens! 

I enjoy the outdoor spaces we use at break times – we are lucky to have the field and the woodland. 

ICT is my favourite subject. The new laptops make our ICT work so much easier. 

Y6 Curriculum Overview please click here


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