Meet Our Y5 Class

Year 5 Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to Year 5.
Mrs Begum is the class teacher and our class teaching assistant is Mrs Cadman.
In year 5 we enjoy exploring a creative curriculum where the children can lead their own learning through a wide range of enjoyable topics.
In the Autumn Term our topic is World War Two. The main foundation subjects that we will focus on are History and Art & Craft. During this topic we will investigate how and why the war began, what it was like to have been an evacuee, what the Blitz was, rationing, what kind of clothes were worn and much, much more. Our trip for this term will be to Eden Camp in North Yorkshire. Where possible, we will link our work in English, Maths and Science to our topic to create meaningful learning experiences. In the second part of the Autumn Term we will also be learning about the Egyptians, here we will be looking at who the Egyptians were, what life was like in Egypt, Egyptian gods, mummification and who Tutankhamun was.
In the Spring term children will learn about travelling around the world. Our focus is Geography through our topic, Backpacking. We will look at some major cities and landmarks around the world that people may like to visit. We will also examine the effects of tourism, and the effect this has on the environment and local communities.
In the Summer Term our topic is Far and Beyond- a space themed unit investigating our solar system. In this term we will focus on Science and Design and Technology. We will look at the planets in detail, as well as try and understand the relative size of bodies within the solar system. We will learn about the forces at work, and learn about space travel during our visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester.
In Year 5 we like to celebrate the children’s hard work and dedication so every day we choose a star of the day. On Fridays we choose a writer, mathemagician and reader of the week.
In Year 5 our class pet is a rabbit. Her name is Pennie. The children have the opportunity to look after Pennie throughout the day as well as clean her. We also like to take her with us to the field so she can enjoy running around.
We also have a selection of plants in our classroom for the children to look after, we have many succulents as well as a peace lily plant and a Kalanchoe.

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