Year 3

Year 3 Mission Statement

In Year 3 we will keep the classroom and each other safe and tidy.

We will help each other, look after our class pets and always try our best.

Hello and welcome to Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3. Miss Bingham and Mrs Harding are the class teachers. Miss Bingham teaches Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Harding Thursday and Friday. Our teacher assistant in year 3 is Mrs Ward. In year 3 we enjoy exploring a creative curriculum where the children can lead their own learning through a wide range of enjoyable topics. In the Autumn Term our topic is The Romans. The main foundation subjects that we will focus on are History and Art & Craft. During this topic we will learn all about Roman life. When did the Roman invade Europe, which countries did they invade, what they ate, what they wore and why are they still so famous today! Due to our trip to Chester being cancelled, we will be having a Roman day in school instead! We will be dressing up as Romans and making some food they used to eat. We will perform our Roman dance and we will march around the school and woodland as if we were marching to battle. Where possible, we will link our work in English, Maths and Science to our topic to create meaningful learning experiences.

In the Spring term children will learn about the countryside. Our focus is Geography through our topic, The Great British Countryside. We will learn about continents, countries, cities and towns. We will look at the differences between living in a city and living in the countryside. We will learn about human and physical features of the different areas and we will walk to a local countryside spot to look at the area. Our trip this term will be to Westwood Country Park.

In the Summer Term our topic is Cracking Contraptions. In this term we will focus on Science and Design and Technology. We will learn how to design and make products using lots of different joining techniques. We will look at how products are made and produced. We are lucky enough to have a special day where ‘Lego Man’ comes and spends a day with us and we design and build different Lego constructions and bring them to life by using tablet technology!

In Year 3 we like to celebrate the children’s hard work and dedication so every day we choose a star of the day. On Fridays we choose a writer, mathemagician and reader of the week. In Year 3 our class pet are cold water fish. We have 5 and at the beginning of year 3 we ask the children to vote for names we would like to call them.


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 Mrs Harding – Teacher,  Miss Bingham – Teacher,  Mrs ward – TA