Welcome to Year 2


 Year 2 Mission Statement

Always look after the classroom.
Be kind to our friends and teachers.
Never hurt anyone or make them sad.
Always try to concentrate and do our best.
Never give up.

Hello and welcome to Year 2

Hello and welcome to Year 2. Mrs Beal is the class teacher. Our teacher assistants in year 2 are Miss Monkman and Miss Fielding who are both part time. In year 2 we enjoy exploring a creative curriculum where the children can lead their own learning through a wide range of enjoyable topics.

In the Autumn Term our topic is ‘Our School’. The main foundation subjects that we will focus on are History and Art & Craft. During this topic we will learn all about the history of our school. We will time hop through the eras to find out what school was like in different eras. Due to our trip to The National Coal Mining Museum being cancelled, we will be having a Victorian day in school instead! We will be dressing up as Victorians and spending our day in role as Victorian school children and teachers. Our English work will be based on the book ‘Meerkat Mail’, which links to our science topic ‘habitats’.

In the Spring term children will learn all about chocolate. Our focus is Geography. We will learn about continents and countries, including the United Kingdom and also about Africa and where chocolate comes from. We will walk around our local area, learning about human and physical features. Our trip this term will be ‘Cadbury World’. Our English will be based on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl.

In the Summer Term our topic is Superheroes. In this term we will focus on Science and Design and Technology. We will learn how to design and make products using wheels and axels and also use fabrics. We will look at how products are made and produced. Our trip this term is to Eureka Children’s Museum. In science, we will be looking at ‘animals including humans’ and ‘materials’. Our book this term will be Traction Man by Mini Grey.

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Hello and welcome to year 2.

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