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Hello and welcome to Year 6.

 Mrs Begum is the Class Teacher  and Mrs Roberts is the TA. 

In year 6 we enjoy exploring a creative curriculum where the children can lead their own learning through a wide range of enjoyable topics.

In the autumn term children learn about Rainforest and India. Children discover where the rainforests are around the world and the endangered species that live within them. Children also learn about the layers of the rainforest and the climate as well as debating issues with deforestation and the loss of habitats. We look at the famous poet William Blake and his poem on Tyger Tyger to enable us to use great language features in our own poems and we look closely at the famous artist Henri Rousseau- capturing great artistic features and creating our own pieces of art.  Within the first part of the Autumn Term children get a visit from Zoo Lab where an animal expert brings along a range of rainforest animals and insects for children to hold and feel as well as learn about. They also learn about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. In the second part of the Autumn Term children visit Butterfly House where children get to see the animals of the rainforest and have an educational session on animal adaptations.

In the Spring Term our topic is the Stone Age, children have the opportunity to visit a real cave in Creswell Crags. They also explore how the Stone Age people lived and how they hunted for food. Within this topic children learn about changes in the landscape, how humans have evolved and discover the array of cave paintings around the world that exist today. Children also get the opportunity to visit Murton Park where they are immersed in Stone Age life form the get go, they learn how children lived, how to create their own homes. They explore the artefacts and look at the materials that the Stone Age people used. They explore a Stone Age village and learn how to weave and how the Stone Age people ground the wheat for flour etc.

In the Spring Term we also have our SATs and our residential visit to PGL.

In the Summer Term our topic is Titanic- we explore all about the titanic, we look at the structure, the lives of people in the titanic, the survivors and read diary extracts and newspaper reports to create our own. We also start our transition to our new secondary school and perform our amazing end of year performance.

In Year 6 we like to celebrate the children’s hard work and dedication so every day we choose a star of the day. On Fridays we choose a hand writer, mathemagician and reader of the week.

In Year 6 our class pets are guppies.

This term our classroom has been transformed into Rainforest to immerse the children into their topic.


Image result for matchstick men and womenY6 Mission Statement Image result for matchstick men and women

In year 6 we strive to always do our very best and to challenge ourselves to achieve our goals.

We aim to follow our class rules to become respectful,  honest, caring, patient and grateful.

We promise to never give up and to be understanding of others thoughts and feelings.

We promise to find the courage to grow up and persevere through tough learning se we can succeed.

Most of all we will work together to gain new knowledge and always have fun!!!


                                          Mrs Begum                    Mrs Roberts

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