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Year 3

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Hello and welcome to our Year 3 class,

Our class Teacher is Mrs Beal and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hall & Mrs Evans.

In Year 3 we enjoy taking part in a creative and exciting curriculum where the children lead their own learning and take on responsibility. The autumn term is based solely around the Victorians and we explore this period of history in great detail. The children learn about the changes that occurred during this time period and how  and how they have impacted our life today. The literacy is focused on Oliver Twist and is also stimulated by two trips during this term, the Coal Mine Museum visit and the Victorian school visit. PE is also linked to this topic, where the children learn dance through the Victorian era. The class book for this term is classic Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol. Science is based on light and shadows for the first term, and rock and fossils for the second half.

The spring term see the class move onto study the Romans and the Greeks. Here the children still learn about History and how these particular people influenced our lives today. English lessons focus on learning myths and legends from Ancient Greek times and the children create their own mythical creature which they incorporate into their own story! Visits this term include a visit to a Roman Museum were the children go on a Roman march through Chester. The science for this half term is forces and magnets.

Finally, the summer term is geography heavy, with the children learning about the Great British Countryside and Raging Rivers. Here the children create sketch maps of the local area, look at how a river is formed and create their own model of a river bed. The literacy is linked to poetry and the science for this term is plants.

In year 3, we celebrate excellence every day, be it at academic or not, by giving out a star of the day badge. Every Friday an award is given out for the reader, writer and mathematician of the week. Our class pets are axolotls and we feed these blood worms every day! We take it in turns to feed them so that we call all experience it.


Mrs Beal – Teacher                   Mrs Hall – TA                    Mrs Evans – TA