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FS2 Class

F2 Class Mission statement

Class Promises;

be kind and gentle

look after our toys

kind words, kind voice

kind hands and feet

look after our friends

run outside, walk inside

good sharing, taking turns

please and thank you

choose it, use it, put it away

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F2 Welcome Booklet – Please click here

Mrs Coe is the class teacher and Miss Lathan and Mrs Evans are the TAs.
In F2 we enjoy a creative and child centred curriculum where children follow their own interests and dictate their own learning during child initiated learning (in the moment planning IMP). Phonics, reading, writing and maths are taught through whole class and small group teaching.
F2 explore the Woodland weekly and take care of our class allotment on a regular basis throughout the year. Parents/Grandparents/carers are invited to join us in the woodland and allotment activities.
School trips are designed to give children rich experiences to support their learning and holistic development. We go on three trips in F2. The first is a visit to see a pantomime. The second is a visit to Cannon Hall Farm. The third is to the local library where we all sign up to be members.
In F2 we like to celebrate the children’s achievements inside and outside of school. We welcome show and tell items and discussions for example; swimming certificates, natural objects and photos of religious cultural experiences etc. Children also receive a reading star weekly if they have read 3 or more times at home during that week.
In F2 our class pet is Tommy Turtle and our class teddy is Paddington.
Each week the children each have an opportunity to take home Paddington. Children take Paddington home for the weekend to look after him and share their weekend experiences with him. On Monday the child tells the class all about their adventures

 Meet Our Teacher

        Mrs Coe


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       Meet Our TA

        Miss Lathan

         Meet Our TA

          Mrs Evans