Here you can download PDFs of relevant policies and procedures in addition to the school prospectus.

Attendance Policy                                                     Download
Behaviour Policy                                                        Download
Calculation Policy                                                           Download
Calculation Policy Methods                                            Download
Confidentiality Policy                                                 Download
Disclosure of Pupil Records                                      Download
End of KS1 Exemplifications English                          Download
KS1 Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks End Of KS1    Download
KS2 Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks End of KS2   Download
Sports Policy                                                                Download
Exceptional Leave During Term Time                                       Download
Ice and Snow Clearance Procedure                         Download   
Music Provision at High Green Primary                Download
Anti Bullying Policy                                                  Download
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy                Download
E Safety & Social Media                                            Download