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The Governors of High Green Primary School are Eleanor Boost, Julie Doubleday, Matthew Evans, Emily Grayson, Lucy Harding, Margaret McKie, Alicia Plane, Tracey Rice, Julie Roberts, Dave Towler, and the Head teacher Diane Smales.  We are often in the playground at drop off and pick up time, so please do come and speak to us if you have any concerns or comments that you would like to bring to our attention.  We can also be contacted via email (details on the website) or through the school office.  Information about the Chair and Vice-chair of the sub-groups, as well as the lead roles for each year group and each subject can be found on the school’s website


At the last meeting of the Governors, on Thursday 6th April, the Head teacher reported to us that the school continues to move forward and that the children are making good progress.  This has been evident in the learning walks around school which Governors have undertaken.  In addition, one of our Governors, Margaret McKie, has been attending some Y1 phonics lessons and assisting Mr Gregory.

In March, the Senior Leadership Team hosted a ‘Partners In Excellence’ conference at the end of the Spring Term to focus on the characteristics of deeper learning.  The feedback from colleagues attending was positive, showing that the school is in a strong position.  The feedback to the Governors was that the learning systems which have been introduced are working well and are embedded in the children’s approaches to learning.

Further learning walks by Governors will take place in the Summer Term, as well as a Health and Safety walk throughout the school.

Academy Working Group

The Academy Working Group is continuing to look at what options would be available to us if in the future we find ourselves needing to become an academy.  Presently the Government has stated that it will no longer be directing all schools to become academies. This news was welcomed by the Governors; however, with any chance that this may change at some stage in the future, we are making sure that we as a school are prepared.  The Academy Working Group has done some research and is beginning to develop a picture of what our choices may be.  If you would like to join our working group, or if you have anything to contribute, please email


We are working hard on the Governors’ section of the website at the moment, which will include more blogs after each meeting.  In the next few weeks the website will include a biography and picture of each governor, as well as contact details, responsibilities and attendance records.

Once the Governors’ section of the website is up-to-date, this will lead to a full review of the whole website over the next academic year.  More details will follow soon.

Awards For All Big Lottery Grant

The wild life activity centre in the school field has now been installed, as has the safety surface and shelter in the Y1 outdoor learning environment.  FOTS have kindly donated some money and have bought a story telling chair in the secret garden.

Dining Tables

Following an inspection on the dining tables, it was agreed that these will be upgraded.

Boundary Wall

The work to strengthen the boundary wall behind the Y5 and Y6 classrooms is now complete.


Years 2 and 6 will take their SATS in the week commencing Monday 8th May 2017.


On Thursday 30th March, the musicians at the school performed in the ‘Swing Into Spring’ concert at the Methodist Church in order to raise money for music in the school.  The school choir sang, the violinists, pianists, brass players and guitar players all played, and then the grand finale brought everyone back on to the stage for two pieces.  Congratulations to everyone involved in what was a successful and enjoyable evening.

Piano, violin and viola lessons are available for children in all years with Mrs Doubleday.  Brass lessons take place for all Year 5 pupils with Mr Steele and can continue in to Year 6.  Please ask at reception for more information.  Mrs Harding also runs a Guitar club for Year 3 students as well as the very popular school choir.

If your son or daughter would like to learn a musical instrument other than those which are currently offered at High Green Primary School, or if they would like to be involved in the many orchestras, bands, ensembles and choirs which take place throughout Sheffield, please visit Sheffield Music Hub at for more information or speak to Mrs Doubleday or Mr Steele.


This year’s Sports Day will be on Tuesday 11th July. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be in the morning. F2 & Years 1 and 2 will be held in the afternoon. If the weather is bad the Sports Day will change to the 12th July.


We have a range of extra-curricular activities at High Green School for the children to be involved with.  These are KS2 Dance on Mondays after school, KS1 and KS2 Ruggereds on Tuesday after school, KS1 Tricky Wingers on Wednesday after school, KS1 Dance on Thursday after school, Y3 Guitar club on Thursday lunchtime, School Choir on Friday lunchtime and KS2 Tricky Wingers on Friday after school.


Summer Half Term: Monday 24th April 2017 until Friday 26th May 2017.

May Day Holiday: Monday 1st May 2017

Inset Day: Friday 26th May

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 29th May 2017 until Friday 2nd June 2017

Summer Half Term 2: Monday 5th June 2017 until Friday 21st July 2017

Inset Day: Friday 21st July