School News

Year 5 blog February 2018

What a great way to finish the half term! We won the Active Class of the Week trophy. Well done to all the children who helped us to this success. We have had a busy half term and this will continue after the holidays. Maths In maths this half term, we learned how to use […]

Year 5 blog 21.12.2017

What an amazing term we have had in year 5! Maths This month the children have learned how to continue number sequences and how to find the rules. They have also learned some basic algebra and refreshed their year 4 learning on Roman Numerals. With Miss Bingham, the childrenĀ have continued their geometry learning, drawing accurate […]

Year 5 blog – November

A very busy month in year 5. I am so proud of how hard the children are working and I can see them making progress. English We completed the Friend or Foe writing and are now learning about writing diaries in role. We have been looking at an extract from Howard Carter’s diary and learning […]

Year 5 blog – October 2017

Year 5 blog We have had a very busy month in year 5. The children have settled well into year 5 life and are working very hard. Maths In maths, the children have continued to learn about 2-D and 3-D shapes, their properties, as well as learning about right angles and parallel lines. They made […]

Year 5 September blog

Dear parents What a great start we have had this year in year 5. The children are becoming more focused and enjoying learning. Our topic this term is WW1. ENGLISH In English, the children have learned about different sentence types and written their own. We also revised past tense and have been looking at the […]

Year 5 blog week 1

Welcome back after the half term break. English In English this week, we thought about what it would be like to be an astronaut, taking off for a mission into space. We thought about the sights and sounds and the emotions that they would feel. Finally the children wrote stories in the role of the […]

5th May 2017

An exciting week in year 5! Our new theme for this term is SPACE! English In English this week, a very strange rock appeared in Mrs Jones garden so she sent it into school. The children came up with some wonderful ideas of where this rock could have come from! As a class is was […]

Year 5 blog 24th April 2017

Welcome back after the Easter break This term our topic is Earth and Space. The children will be learning about the Earth, Moon, Sun and the other planets in our solar system.   Homework projects For this term’s project, I would like the children to research, in detail, one of the planets in our Solar […]

Year 5 blog- 19th March 2017

An exciting week in year 5! English In English this week, the children planned and wrote their own myths. They will be editing and improving this work next week. Maths In maths this week, the children solved word problems that involved adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. Their homework involves them adding and subtracting […]

Year 5 blog- 10th March 2017

Another hectic week in year 5. English In English this week, the children used the Pie Corbett method to retell the myth of The Papaya that Spoke and then they found the features. Finally the children learned how to punctuate speech correctly. Their homework is an extension of this learning. Maths This week in maths […]