School News

Year 3 first week back

  What a week we have had! It has been lovely meeting my new class and getting to know you all; you’re all as mad as I am! I would like to say well done for having such a fantastic first week and settling in so well to your new class and environment. Keep up […]

Y3 class blog W/E 13th May

  Maths This week in Maths we have revisited multiplication and division, going over the grid method and using this method to solve word problems. This has involved us partitioning numbers to make multiplication easier and more manageable. For division, we have used chunking on a number line to show repeated subtraction and how this […]

Y3 class blog W/E 6th May

  Maths This week we have finished our work on fractions. We revisited adding and subtracting fractions which we were all confident with. As it was the end of the topic, we finished the week with fraction word problems, applying all knowledge we have learnt to these. Those children that went for hot this week […]

Y3 class blog W/E 29.4.16

Maths In Maths this week we have been focusing on fractions, revisiting what tenths are and how this links to the place value column of tenths. We did this using rulers to link tenths to millimetres and apply it to real life situations. We have then continued our work on fractions, finding unit and non-unit […]

Y3 blog W/E 22.4.16

  Maths In maths this week we have revisited time and we have shown that we have made so much progress in this area! We have told the time using analogue and digital clocks with increasing accuracy and are now able to tell the time to the nearest minute! We have then been creating a […]

Y3 blog w/e 15/4/15

Maths In maths this week we have revisited measurement and have been conducted a measuring experiment which involved us predicting and measuring pencils. We then worked out the difference between the longest and the shortest pencil and compared different pencils. We have also used weighing scales to weight different items in the classroom. In addition […]

Y3 class blog first week back

Welcome back year 3! Maths In maths this week we have revisited column addition and subtraction, which we started in the first term. We have brushed up our skills on this method and have been estimating our answers using rounding. In addition to this, we have then been using the inverse to check our answers […]

Y3 class blog end of spring term!

 Another fab week in the year 3 mobile! Maths  In maths this week we have been doing the topic of Geometry and looking at different types of lines. We have identified parallel, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines in the classroom environment and why these occur. Next term we will be looking at all four operations […]

Sport relief skipathon!!

As part of Sport Relief 2016, Y3 took part in a sponsored skip around the field. They skipped (non-stop!) for 20 minutes in the glorious March sunshine this afternoon and what a fantastic job they did! A huge congratulations to everybody who took part and a giant thank you to everybody who sponsored us! Here […]

Y3 blog W/E 11th March

   Another fab week in the year 3 mobile! Maths  In maths this week we have been looking at statistics and ways to present data that we have collected. We have looked at pictograms and bar charts and how these vary when representing data. The children have collected data about class pets and presented it […]