Y5 Class Blog – 29.11.19

And just like that, December is almost upon us! As usual, the term has flown by and we have packed loads of learning into it!

In English, we have moved onto fiction writing, and read War Horse as a great example of how an author can use a historical setting to bring a story alive. The children really got into this book, and we hope to finish reading it in the not too distant future. The stories they wrote really benefitted from the children talking through their story plans through with you at home, and I hope to continue this when completing plans for future writing. We have since moved on to retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, where we will be altering the traditional tale to bring it into the modern day. Forget walking through the woods to collect flowers – Little Red Riding Hood will be Segway-ing through the forest while messaging Grandma on WhatsApp 🙂

In maths we have been concentrating on written methods for multiplication and division, which the children have done very well with. An increased knowledge of their times tables have helped, but please keep practicing these at home! We have also been working hard on presenting our calculations in a logical, clear and easy to understand way so others can follow.

Humanities has seen the continuation of the World War 2 topic, which the children have really enjoyed. Recently, we have looked at rationing, the Battle of Britain and Winston Churchill, and as always, the children are full of questions! We had a great day in Malton at Eden Camp, which enabled the students to experience a bit more of what it would have been like to have been alive during World War 2.

In Science, we finished our topic about the properties of materials and examined changes that are either reversible or irreversible. We have since moved onto Living Things and Habitats. Last week we learnt about the 7 life processes that can be used to determine if something is living or not, as well as compared and contrasted life cycles of different creatures.

In French, we have been learning how to describe ourselves and what we are wearing. This culminated this week in the Fashion Show, where children paraded down the Y5 catwalk and were ably described by their partner. It was great fun!

In music, we have continued to learn the P-Buzz and are almost ready to move onto a real cornett. In PE we have been learning the variety of passes and movement skills needed in basketball, as well as techniques to help us improve in various events for sports hall athletics.