Autumn Term

We have had a really busy term.

In maths we have been focusing on write our numbers to 20 correctly. We have learnt how to add and subtract within 20 by using pictures, counters and a number line to help us. We have learnt how to double numbers.

In English we have written bonfire night poems using our senses. We have also acted out the John Lewis advert with Edgar… we had lots of little dragons in the class that day! We are now writing our own stories based on the advert. We are trying really hard to form their letters clearly and some of us have even started to write pre-cursive.

In History we have learnt all about castles, how they were made and the different parts. We looked at different rooms inside of a castle and how they are similar or different to ours. We have learnt lots of vocabulary such as portcullis, battlements, differences, donjon, timber and more.  The children loved talking about their projects to one another this term. They look incredible!

In art we have learnt about the artist Paul Klee. We are creating our own painting using 2d shapes to make a castle inspired by Paul Klee’s painting ‘Castle and Sun’. We have also made Christmas decorations for the tree competition.

In Science we have learnt all about plants this term. We have grown our own beanstalks and learnt about what they need to grow. We also learnt that you shouldn’t give them too much water. We have been on a tree hunt around school to find deciduous and evergreen trees. We now know some of the names of the trees in our woodlands and secret garden. We have learnt about different garden and wild plants.