Y6 Blog

What a half term it has been! It has been great to see your children settle into the new routine and adapt to life in year 6.

In Maths we have begun our work on division and will be finishing this off next term. We have also tried an arithmetic and reasoning paper to see what areas we struggle in and will be looking at that over the next half term.

In English we have just finished writing our biographies on Mary Anning. WE are really proud of the work we have produced. We started creating a biography on David Walliams to give us an idea of the features that need to be included in a biography. We did this in groups we then researched Mary Anning and then created our own biography.

In Science we are have been continuing our work on Evolution and Inheritance. We have looked at what features are inherited and what are adapted. We have been discussing what we could have inherited from our parents and how genes and DNA works.

In PE we have been focusing on Dance and have been practicing adding our own choreographed moves to a song (Bounce Back by Little Mix).

In Art we have finished out cave art and have begun work on creating artistic illusions. we have really enjoyed looking at illusions and finding ways to trick the eye.

In Topic we have continued our work on finding out how humans evolved and survived  in the Stone Age era. We have also looked at how Britain has changed since the Stone Age era and will be continuing with this after half term.

I hope you all have a wonderful half term.

Rest up and I will hopefully see you all on Monday 4th November.

Mrs Begum