Y4 Class Blog – October 2019

We have had a brilliant first half term in y4! The children have been telling me today how fast it has gone; they must have been having fun!


In English we have been writing a diary entry from the point of view of different family members in a Viking village. We have used oral storytelling to write from the point of view of a Viking boy who is about to start hunting, the Dad of the boy who is introducing hunting and then from a Viking girl’s point of view. We have been focusing on the structure of the text and remembering the basics when it comes to sentence structure and organisation.


In maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We have then used all the skills learnt so far to add and subtract numbers up to 4 digit using column addition and subtraction. These methods were tricky to begin with but we have grown in confidence and can now apply to some word problems!


In science we have been learning about teeth. We have learnt the names of the teeth and what each type of teeth does. We also did an experiment using eggs (the shell is similar in structure to teeth) to see what happens when teeth are exposed to different liquids: Coffee, milk, coke, orange juice and apple juice. Ask your child what they found out!


In topic we have been learning where the Vikings came from before invading England. We have also learnt about King Alfred and King Athelstan. We will be learning more about the Vikings in the run up to Christmas.


In art we have been sketching dragon figureheads. We looked closely at the detail and produced some fantastic sketches. We then learnt about shadows and shading and have started adding some to the dragons. They look fantastic! We have started designing our own dragon and will experiment with different materials after half term.


Before we break up for Christmas we will be performing a play with year 3. Some children have auditioned for speaking/ singing parts and have now been given their script to start practicing. Please can you help them to start learning their lines at home. This will give them a head start for when we start practicing the play after half term.

Many thanks for your continued support. Have a lovely holiday!

Mrs John, Mrs Jones and Mrs Dooley