Our first blog in y4!

Hello everyone and welcome to Y4’s first monthly blog!

We have had a great start to Y4 and have learnt so much already!


In English, we started the half term with Awesome Author’s week. We became Vikings washed up on an island! It was then our job to re-build our longboats (In the woodland!)  before writing stories about our experiences! We thought carefully about Viking characters and the plot to write some fantastic pieces! Last week, we learnt about different sentence structures and using these to describe some of the characters from our class book ‘How to train a dragon’.


In maths we have learnt about place value and roman numerals. We have been counting on in 10s and 100s  and have worked hard to improve and build on our skills. This week we have been comparing numbers beyond 1000 and applying this skill to our learning. All of the skills we have learnt so far will be practiced and applied throughout the year.


This term we have been learning about the digestive system. They children have labelled the main parts of the system and then found out what the role of each part is in the breaking down of food. We are moving on this week to looking at teeth. We will identify the different types and what each one does.


The children have written questions that they want answered about the Vikings. They ordered a timeline of events and have found out where the Vikings came from and the reasons that they invaded. We are moving on to learn about the Anglo Saxon kings.


We all enjoyed the trip to Murton Park last Thursday! We learnt lots about lives of Vikings and then became Vikings ourselves and settled in a Viking village. Here we learnt how to farm, cook and defend a settlement and also made some clay candle holders! At the end of the day a pesky Saxon invaded but luckily we were ready for him and scared him off with our spears!



We started our enrichment clubs a few weeks ago and are really enjoying them! There are three groups, The High Green British Bake Off run by Mrs Harding, Let’s Get Active! run by Mrs Ward and Gardening run by Mrs John and Mrs Dooley. Each week, for six weeks, the children will enjoy different activities then after the half term they will enjoy a new group. All children will take part in all three groups by the end of the 18 weeks.

Many thanks,

Mrs John, Mrs Jones and Mrs Dooley