Y5 Class Blog – 27.09.19

Welcome to our first class blog of the term! The children have settled in very well, and have had a very busy few weeks – the highlight of which was the overnight camping trip which the children (and staff!) very much enjoyed! It was a little chilly, however everyone was in great spirits and did really well.

The first task of the year that the children had was to create a mission statement – we discussed what ingredients were needed to be a successful group and the children came up with some great ideas: resilience, respect, encouraging, taking risks and many others were all things the children came up with. These are normally things that senior school students would be talking about, yet here we are in Year 5 creating powerful, emotionally intelligent responses such as this! We then wrote up everyone’s ideas into our mission statement, which can be found on our class page here.

In topic, we have started our World War 2 topic, which the children are super-enthusiastic about it and already very knowledgeable. We began by looking at which countries were involved in the war, and the events that led to the outbreak of war. We have also looked at why children were evacuated and what it must have been like to have been in that situation.

In English, after learning how to write good autobiographies by using anecdotal stories, we are currently learning how to write letters. In role as someone who has been evacuated, the children will then be writing a letter home to their parents, using both content and grammatical features that we will be learning about over the next few lessons.

In maths, we have been focussing on various aspects of place value: value of digits, comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000, rounding numbers and negative numbers. In each of these, we have demonstrated we are fluent with procedures before moving on to explain our reasoning and eventually applying these skills to solve problems. We will be having a real push on times tables, and so practicing rapid recall of multiplication facts will be needed at home. One fun way of doing this is using TT Rockstars. If children have lost their usernames/passwords, I can provide them.

Science has seen the start of our unit about materials and their properties. We began by categorising materials, and defining some of their properties. Then, we consolidated out knowledge of conducting fair tests by investigating which substances dissolve in liquids to form a solution, and which do not dissolve and form suspensions instead.

In ICT, we are learning how to keep safe online, and PE has seen us learn throwing, catching, fielding and batting skills in some late-season cricket. In RE we have been learning about Jewish worship, and in French, we are learning how to describe ourselves.

With 4 weeks gone, and so much covered already, we are all looking forwards to the next few weeks!