Year 5 blog – June 2019

Another amazing month in year 5.


In maths, the children learnt how to estimate and measure different angles in degrees. Then they moved on to the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. They used that learning to work on nets of 3-D shapes. We are now working on co-ordinates in the first quadrant and we will be investigating what happens when shapes are translated.


The children wrote stories with Mrs Smales after completing some space art. We have been researching the first Moon landing and the children have drafted a newspaper report, celebrating the 50 year anniversary. They also worked on the difference between direct and reported speech as well as punctuating speech.

Science and Topic

Our science and topic work is linked this term. The children planned and carried out an investigation to explain why day and night happen. They have also looked at the rotations of the planets around the Sun. They now know that the Sun is at the centre of the Solar System. They have been working on the design of their own rockets and have part built them. In July, they will be finishing the building and then evaluating their designs. In ICT we have begun to work on 2-D and 3-D models using computer programs.


The children are working on further rounders skills with Helen and we will be starting a Space Dance unit on Tuesdays.

Horrible Histories

A reminder that we are going to The Lyceum Theatre and Friday 19th July, to see Awful Egyptians. The children should come to school at the usual time but they will all need a packed lunch on that day.

Open Afternoon

Year 5 have an open afternoon on Tuesday 9th July at 2pm. I hope that children will share their homework projects with parents.


A reminder that the children were set the task of researching one of the planets in the Solar System. (Not Earth) They should bring their projects on Monday 8th July. Please don’t bring them before as we have nowhere to keep them. I look forward to seeing what the children have produced.

Hats, drinks bottles and sun cream.

Another plea for the children to come with a hat, sun cream and a refillable drinks bottle every day. They are outside for quite a long time at lunchtime and the classroom is getting very warm. They really need to keep hydrated.


Mrs Jones