Year 2 June 2019 blog

Hello everyone, welcome back to this month’s Y2 blog.


Children have been enjoying their ‘Superheroes’ topic. In Design & Technology, the children designed, made and evaluated their own superhero or Supervillain cars. In science we investigated which materials would make the best waterproof outfit for a superhero and also the best materials for a parachute. Next we will be designing and making superhero capes and learning how to make a template to help us measure and cut fabric.


We have been reading ‘Traction Man’ and writing our own Traction Man adventures using the school as a setting for our stories. We also created our own superheroes and wrote fact files about them. We are currently writing recounts about our fantastic trip to Eureka.  In Guided Reading we have been reading and discussing “Charlie’s Superhero Underpants”.


In Maths the children have been learning measures. We have been weighing using balance scales and estimating and comparing the mass of different objects. Then we learnt about capacity and made an antidote for a superhero using different coloured liquids. In PE we have been doing athletics so we linked our maths by measuring how far we can jump.

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