Year 5 March 2019 blog

What an amazing group of children we have in year 5! They have tackled everything that has been thrown their way and worked really hard.


In Maths this month, the children have learned how to convert fractions into decimals and percentages. They also began to find simple percentages of numbers. They found fractions of numbers and worked on word problems using those skills. Next term we are moving on to solve problems involving decimal numbers.


In English, the children completed their biographies on Martin Luther King and then wrote their own about a famous person they were interested in. The children then moved on to find out about the different types of poetry and what their features are. They wrote acrostic poems about one of the European capital cities and used simile and metaphor to make them more descriptive. Next term, the children will begin by writing a story about an ‘Alien landing!’


The children learned more about different capital cities and wrote emails to imaginary pen pals. They found out about the currency in Europe and planned a journey to one of the cities, using their understanding of time zones. They completed their Banksey art and created some amazing t-shirts.

Next term, our topic is Earth and Space and, as well as finding out about the solar system, they will design and make their own rocket, with a detachable nose cone. For their project, I would like them to research one of the planets, but not Earth. This will not be due in until the beginning of July.

The National Space Centre

Our next trip is to the National Space Centre on 4th June 2019. More details to follow after Easter.

Cycle Training

This will take place from Tuesday 23rd April – Friday 26th April. On the first day, all children will be involved in the training, in 2 groups. On each of the following days, one group of 10 will receive the rest of their training. I will confirm the days for the children after the holidays.


It was wonderful to see so many of you at the brass lesson on Thursday. The children are doing so well with their lessons and it was fantastic to see their progress. Well done year 5.

Halle concert

We all enjoyed the Halle concert at the Sheffield City Hall. The children found that they enjoyed classical music and sang their hearts out to the World War 1 medley.

Have a lovely holiday and I look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 15th April.

Mrs Jones