Headteachers Blog

It has been a lovely week on which to end the spring term. We have enjoyed some wonderful moments and as usual the children have been amazing!

This term, our subject focus has been Geography and Music. The children have enjoyed some wonderful first hand experiences this term including visits to the Butterfly House, Weston Park Museum, Blue John and Speedwell Caverns, Cadburys World, RSPB Centre and Canon Hall Farm. Y1 children enjoyed an amazing day with Captain Danfastic!! They learnt about Pirates of old, listened to stories and look at artefacts. They also worked on their compass skills and tried navigating!!

This week you will receive a summary of your child’s progress in Geography and Music for this term.

Next term, our focus is on Design Technology within a Science topic. We have some great experiences planned; Y1 – Chester Zoo, Y2 – Eureka, Y3 – a visitor to school for a LEGO workshop, Y4 – Harry Potter World, Y5 – National space Centre and Y6 will be leaving us for four days to go to South Wales on their residential to PGL. Watch out for further details during the first few weeks back.

Some of my favourite moments this term were during Music Week. Our sponsored marching band was one of the most hilarious mornings I have ever spent. Even the snow didn’t put the children off!! Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Beal, especially loved it, although they both needed time to lie down afterwards!! Well done to everyone and thank you for all your kind donations.

One of the most touching moments for me this term has been this week during our assemblies on Autism. We focused particularly on how we are all the same but different! I know!! The children were confused at first as well. Please don’t be too alarmed if your children come home this week and say they have a wonky rainbow!! Every child in school has created their own Rainbow Selfie. I will be sticking these around school to show how we are all different but all share the same colours of the rainbow. The challenge for the children will be to try and find their selfie! Together with a number of parents and children, we are in the process of producing a booklet called ‘At Rainbows Edge.’ The aim of this is to try and give other parents an insight and better understanding into what life is like for families who have a child with ASD. I will be sending it out to every family after the holidays to read and I would welcome any feedback you have.

My proudest moment this term has been meeting with parents of our newly formed Rainbow Network. This is a growing group of SEND parents, who meet on the first Monday of each half term to have a coffee, a chat and share experiences; successes and challenges.  Initially, I thought I would only be involved with the group for the first meeting. However, once I had spent some time with the parents I developed a new found respect for them all; they have been able to teach me about what life is like at home, especially for children with autism. They just can’t get rid of me now!!

The next meeting is on Monday 15th April at 9am. Everyone is welcome.

Hope you all have a lovely break and I look forward seeing you all again in the summer term.