Year 5 blog – February 2019

February 2019

We have been very busy in year 5. We have welcomed two student teachers from Sheffield Hallam University and they will be with us until the end of March.


In maths, the children have learned to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and visa versa. They moved on to add and subtract fractions with the same and different denominators. This week they will be multiplying fractions by whole numbers.


In English, the children have looked at several examples of biographies of famous people and then researched the life and work of Martin Luther King Junior. They will be using this research to write a detailed biography about him. They have also learnt how to use different types of sentence openers.


We completed our Forces work with an experiment to test friction with different materials. We are now moving on to look at animals and their habitats.


The children continued their work on Banksey style art. They will be covering several learning objectives on our visit to the Weston Park Weather Station, observing how rainfall and other elements are recorded. They will be moving on to look at different time zones and then planning a trip, using timetables to a European destination.


We have completed our previous topics and this half term the children will be doing netball skills with me on Tuesday afternoon and then cricket skills with the coach  on Wednesday afternoon. It is extremely important that all children have their full outdoor PE kit for both days. They must have trainers as pumps do not provide enough support for their feet.

Weston Park Museum trip

Just a reminder that this trip is on Monday 4th March. We will leave at the normal time and the plan is to return so that they can be picked up, as usual at 3.20pm. If there are any delays, due to traffic, I will keep the office fully informed.


Starting on 5th March, the children will be having cookery lessons with Taylor Shaw in our kitchens. The children have been split into 4 groups and each group will have 4 weeks of lessons. I will notify parents by email, to let you know when it is their block.

Many thanks

Mrs Jones