Year 5 blog – January 2019

It’s been a fantastic start to 2019 and the children have been working really hard.


In English this month, we have worked on different aspects of spelling, punctuation and grammar. (SPAG) The children learnt how to write in present tense, how to use capital letters for proper nouns and how to use relative clauses. The children also wrote their own texts, during Awesome Authors week, with a short piece of video as their stimulus. The children either wrote stories, diaries or letters of their own and they really enjoyed this learning. They are now in the middle of researching the tourist attractions of London so that they are able to write non-chronological reports about them.


In maths, the children have worked on division and multiplication. They used both the bus stop and long method of division and then used their knowledge in order to solve problems. Last week, we began to find equivalent fractions and we will be moving on to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers.

PE/ Woodland

This term, the children are doing gymnastics on Tuesdays and are continuing to work with Helen from Sheffield United on Wednesdays. Please ensure that your child have full PE kit on these days. They must have trainers for outdoor PE. We have changed the day of the Woodland visit to Fridays again as it fits in better with the rest of the timetable. At this time of year, it is important that the children have wellies or strong shoes as well as warm clothing to go to the woodland.


This term in science we will complete the Forces unit and then move on to Habitats.


We began the Backpackers topic after Christmas, with a focus on geography and music. The children found out what it means to be a backpacker and then thought carefully about what they would take with them. To do this they were given different pieces of information so that they were able to make the appropriate choices. They will move on this week to find the names of capital cities for different European cities.

The children are making really good progress in their brass lessons and Mr Harris is very pleased with their hard work. Music week was a great success. The children learned how to use the syllables in words to help them to create their own rhythms. They worked in small groups to create their own songs about London. Finally they added tuned instruments to their compositions. They made percussion instruments out of empty bottles and used them to accompany their march to It’s a long way to Tipperary.

Halle concert

On Tuesday 26th March, the children have been invited to take part in the Halle concert at The City Hall in Sheffield. We took part in this last year and it was an amazing event. More details to follow nearer the time.

Weston Park Museum

Our next visit is to The Weston Park Museum on Monday 4th March. We will be taking part in a weather workshop as well as exploring the museum itself. More details will be out to you this week.


The children have been learning about the work of the artist Banksy. They are creating their own artwork and they will print it onto a t-shirt. Could you please send your child with a clean, white t-shirt as soon as possible so that they can use it for this activity.


This term’s topic project needs to be brought in on Monday 25th March. Please don’t send it before this date as we have nowhere to keep it.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Jones