Y6 Blog- January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers, what a fab half term it has been so far! we have enjoyed a wide range of activities this term and are looking forward to many things.

In Maths we have started our work on shape linked to finding both the area and perimeter and the volume of shapes. we have also looked at how to convert units of measurement remembering when to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. we will be continuing our work on units of measurement in the next few weeks and then will move on to percentages of amounts.

In English we have started our unit on poetry and have been looking at a famous poet- Edgar Allen Poe. At first we really struggled with understanding the poem but thank to Homer Simpson we have abetter understanding and have created some amazing stories linked to the poem. We have been looking at SPAG and how to best add this into our writing to aid in understanding as well as how to manipulate language specifically horror language. In English we also wanted to create our own poems so we have been working together in groups to create a range of poems about our topic – the rainforest. We have really enjoyed working together and sharing ideas.

As a class we have decided the things we want to learn and write about and have decided that the next unit would be to create a non-chronological report based on the amazon or an animal that lives in the rainforest. Over the next couple of weeks we will be gathering information and researching all about our chosen area to create a final piece of work.

In Science we have begun our new unit on Living things and their Habitats, so far we have been able to identify living and non living things linked to the life processes all living things have. As well as this we have looked at how to classify animals by creating a branching key. We will also begin to look at how to classify plants. 

In Topic we have started work on the rainforests and India. We have stared a project to create a portfolio style brochure on the computers explaining all the attractions of India. we have all looked at the similarities and differences of India as country compared to England. We will also be looking at and comparing the climate and weather with India.

In P.E we have started to create a Bollywood dance as a whole class and will be beginning to split into groups to choreograph a dance together. We are hoping to perform this to all our parents at some point next half term. You will be informed of the date and times closer to when we are ready to perform our routines via Parentmail.

Dates to Remember

Just a quick Thank You for all your help and support so far – it is very much appreciated.

Here’s to a fab year ahead.

Mrs Begum x