F2 January 2019

January 2019 Happy New Year

F2 have been enjoying learning about the increasingly changeable weather this month. We have been looking closely at how water transforms into ice and different ways we can melt the ice.

We spent some time learning about the Emperor Penguin and how penguins and people are the same and different in where they live, how they look after their young, what they eat and how they keep warm.

The children had a great time making musical shakers as part of Music week. We performed as a marching band for parents and played our instruments to the beat of the music. We have also enjoyed listening to lots of different kinds of music.

We continue to follow the children’s interests. This month the children have been interested in learning about animals and what their young are called. Next half term we will be visiting Cannon Hall Farm!

We welcome parents/grandparents to join us in the woodland Friday mornings.

F2 Team