Year 5 blog – November 2018

This month. the children continue to work very hard and are making really good progress.


In English, this month the children have learned about what happened when Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamen. They also learned about fronted adverbials and using different time conjunctions. They have now written their own diary entries in the role of Howard Carter. We are moving on to writing letters as soldiers in the trenches in WW1.


In maths, we have worked on ordering decimal numbers up to 3 decimal places, number sequences and basic algebra, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and multiples of numbers. We will be moving on to finding factors of numbers.


We had a fantastic time at Magna and the Science workshop on rockets and balloons was the perfect start to our Forces topic. We will continue to work on this at the beginning of next term.


As well as finding out about Howard Carter, the children have also continued their work on the Battle of the Somme. They have now begun to look at life in the WW1 trenches. We will finish this work next week.


The children are now learning football skills on Wednesday and we have been doing Egyptian dance on Tuesday afternoons.


Just a reminder that the project is due on Friday 14th December. Please do not bring them in before as we have nowhere to keep them.

Christmas party

The Christmas Party will be in the afternoon on Tuesday 18th December. I will send a letter asking for food donations next week.

Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Jones