Year 3 May 2018 blog

The children are really enjoying our new topic this term – ‘Cracking contraptions’.  In English we have used a video of how a shirt machine works to inspire our explanation writing. We have been adding cause and effect conjunctions and time conjunctions as well as thinking about how we lay out our writing to make it easy to read. The children then went on to design their own ‘Teacher Pleaser’ machines. (I especially liked the massage hands, marking arm and coffee dispensers). They used their designs as inspiration for their own independent pieces of writing.

We have been following the same theme in Design & Technology. Wallace and Gromit have asked for our help so we have been learning about different types of mechanisms, which we will then use to make different parts of our ‘Teacher Pleaser’ contraptions. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces!

In maths, we have been learning about different types of angles; right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. We have been practising turning using the language of angles and direction. Children had to steer a boat safely through the sea by writing correct instructions. We then looked at different types of lines (horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular) and used this to describe the properties of 2d shapes.

In science, we have been learning about rocks. We made rocks from chocolate to show how sedimentary and igneous rocks are formed and then set up scientific investigations to find out how durable and permeable different types of rocks are. We looked at how fossils are formed and where soil comes from. Next we will be looking at plants, including the parts of plants, how water is carried and seed dispersal.

We have fun things to follow next half term, including our lego workshop in school and the singing festival at Ecclesfield Secondary school – more details to follow soon.

Have a wonderful half term.

Mrs Beal.