Year 6 Blog- December 2017

What a busy term it has been. We have enjoyed a range of activities and experiences on our visit to Creswell Crags. The cave experience was amazing and the children showed great team work in activities throughout the day.  The children were praised on their great behaviour throughout the day. When we got back form our trip the children planned a newspaper article on finding human remains- in one of the caves in Creswell Crags.

In our English work we have been looking at how to improve our writing. We have also looked at how to incorporate speech as direct or indirect speech into our writing. We have been looking at how to write a good catchy newspaper article to make readers want to read on. Next term in English we will be looking at a recount and creating our own. We will also be working on our understanding of new grammatical terms.

In Maths we looked at solving algebraic equations. We also learned how to create a formula to help solve a linear sequence and how to find the nth term in a sequence. Next term we will be working on: area and perimeter; volume; and percentages.

In Science we continued our work on Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. We found out all about his travels and how he identified animals and classified them. Next Term we will be looking at how animals are classified as well as investigating what animals live in the rainforests.

In PE we have been improving our skills with a ball and we learned how to play cricket.

Our New topic when we get back will be Rainforest’s in the Raj. We will be looking at where the rainforests are and the issues surrounding them. We will also be finding out all about India and what happened to it when the British Raj took over.

Next term we will be focusing on Geography and Music.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rest up and I will see you all  next year.


Mrs Begum