Year 5 blog 21.12.2017

What an amazing term we have had in year 5!


This month the children have learned how to continue number sequences and how to find the rules. They have also learned some basic algebra and refreshed their year 4 learning on Roman Numerals. With Miss Bingham, the childrenĀ have continued their geometry learning, drawing accurate shapes, using a ruler. They have to be accurate to the nearest millimetre.


In English, the children found out about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. They looked at an extract from Howard Carter’s diary and studied what happened on the day it was found. Then they wrote a diary in the role of Howard Carter, detailing what happened that day. For their assessment, they wrote the diary in the role of Lord Carnarvon.


With Miss Bingham, the children researched the Egyptian Pyramids and then created Powerpoints, which they then presented to the rest of the class.


Most of the topic learning was done through the English and Computing lessons. However, in art, the children researched Canopic Jars and then created their own, using clay.


The children really enjoyed their cycling sessions, although it was very cold. They also completed a unit of gymnastics.

Next half term, our PE sessions will continue to be on Monday and Tuesday as we have another coach coming in to teach the children how to play handball.

Shrek the Musical

Thank you for all of your prompt payments for the tickets. We have paid for them and have the tickets in school, ready for our visit at the end of March.


The children are really enjoying their sessions with the brass teacher, as am I. They have lots of fun and are making real progress. We will be taking part in an in-depth music project as part of our learning next term.


After the holidays, our topic is Backpackers: European Capital cities. I have set the children some homework to think of ideas as to what they would like to find out. We will also be learning about the Human Rights movement and Martin Luther King.

Table prize

Congratulations to the children on Neptune table who have won the table prize this half term.

Finally, have a lovely Christmas and New Year and I look forward to seeing you in school on Monday 8th January.

Mrs Jones