Year 3 December 2017 blog

Wow! What a busy month we have had!

In maths, we continued working on time, moving on to digital time, working out intervals of time and solving problems. We also learnt the “30 days has September” rhyme and used this to do some work on calendars. As it was almost Christmas, the children also had fun using their maths skills to help them solve various maths problems using clues to work out which naughty elf had stolen Mrs Christmas’ delicious Christmas cake! After Christmas we will be moving on to statistics, refreshing and extending skills on bar charts and pictograms.

In English, we looked at a variety of instructions. We learnt how to tame a wild unicorn and then children practised using imperative verbs and time conjunctions to write their own instructions on how to build a roman road. We gave a lot of thought to how to make the instructions easy to follow by using a headings, subheadings, diagrams and numbered bullet points.

Our topic work in December revolved around ‘Roman legacies’ and we researched how the Romans have impacted on modern day life. We looked at roman numerals, the names of European cities and even the names of the months on a calendar. Other things we discussed include religion, underfloor heating and aqueducts. I was so impressed by the topic homework projects! Fantastic! Our new topic after Christmas will be The Great British countryside. The focus will be on our local area, in particular, Westwood Country Park. We will also be looking at rivers. We will visit local sites to improve our map skills and the trip for this term is to Manvers Old Moor RSPB site on 22nd March.

Our main subject focus for this term will be geography and music. The children are really enjoying their viola lessons and making good progress. They will be able to bring their instruments home to practise soon. We will also be looking at ‘rocks and soils’ and ‘plants’ in science lessons, which I am really excited about! Please make sure the children have appropriate outdoor clothing as some of our lessons will be outdoors (in addition to the Woodland sessions).

Finally, I would just like to say how amazing the children were in the Christmas performance. I am really really proud of the effort each and every one of them put in. A big well done, they were amazing!

Enjoy the Christmas break. Very best wished for 2018.

I’ll see you all on the 8th January!

Mrs Beal.