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A very warm welcome back to everyone and especially to our new parents and children. Everyone seems to have settled in well, including our new staff; Mrs Cadman, Miss Thompson and Miss Buckland. They are already part of our team and I can’t imagine school without them!
We have also welcomed a new addition to our class pets; Holly, is a beautiful Pygmy Hedgehog and is the new class pet of Y1. The children have been amazing with Holly and are really taking good care of her. If you would like to go and visit, I’m sure the Y1 children will be happy to show her off!
Some of you might think we’re a little crazy (I feel a song coming on!!) but learning about and taking care of the pets is a huge part of the children’s whole development and our High Green curriculum.  If you want to know more about any of the pets, please don’t hesitate to ask the children or the teachers.
We have an amazing autumn term planned for the children and hope they will really enjoy their first term in their new class. All the classes have visits planned that relate to their topic, with the focus this term, being on History and Art and Craft. Miss Rawlings is currently confirming all the visits for the rest of the academic year. We hope to be in a position next week to be able to share all the dates, venues and costings of all the visits to try and give you more notice. We are also looking at being able to set up a payment option on Parent Pay to allow you to pay a little each week or month if you wish. Mrs Aldridge will share more details with you at a later date.
Autumn class visits
Thursday 20th September – Y4 Murton Park
Tuesday 25th September – Y2 Skegness
Tuesday 2nd October – Y3 Chester
Tuesday 16th November – Y1 – Conisborough Castle
Tuesday 6th November – Y5 Magna
Tuesday 4th December – F2 Panto (Dick Whittington)
Thursday 13th December – Y6 Creswell Crags
Last term, Mrs Harding and Mrs Rice sent out a Parent Questionnaire. One of the main issues for us seemed to be improving the communication of academic progress and achievement. In response to this, we have planned a number of things. Progress, attainment information, including targets and achievements and attendance are available to parents on line on Classroom Monitor. To help parents understand this a little better, we have arranged some evening training sessions;
  • F2/KS1 – Tuesday 6th November @ 5pm.
  • KS2 – Thursday 15th November @ 5pm.
If you can’t make your year groups training, you are welcome to attend either, as the sessions will cover the same information.
Parents meetings will be held during the week beginning 19th November – dates and times to be sent out later. At these meetings we will share targets and objectives for Reading, Writing and Maths.
At the end of the autumn term, we will send out a summary of your child’s achievement for History and Art and Craft. Over the year, we will repeat this to ensure that by the end of the year you will have received outcomes for each subject across the whole curriculum.
Information evenings have also been planned –  
Open days have also been planned for Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th November. We will try to plan each class to allow for parents with siblings to visit each class! The Open Days are for the children and staff to share their learning with you and show you some of the work they have been doing over the term. Watch out for more information later in the term.
As part of our 175th anniversary celebrations we will be holding a Victorian Week the first week in December. Staff and children will be dressing up in ‘Victorian’ clothes and will spend the week learning about the history of our school. In association with FOTS, we will be holding a Victorian Market on Thursday 6th December.
We have already planned our Christmas performances.
More details to follow.
Just a reminder about Music lessons – if your child is interested in learning an instrument, please speak to myself, Miss Rawlings or Mrs Doubleday.
I can’t finish the autumn blog without saying a huge thank you to Zak, our Buildings Supervisor, who has worked tirelessly through most of the summer to keep up on the repairs and maintenance of our lovely old school building. Also, Simon Beal who has been an amazing support for our children and our school since we appointed his wife! It seems we got two for the price of one!!
Oh…and…watch out for Boggarts! They have been seen roaming around the area and have been known to scare innocent passers by!! If you’re not familiar with Boggarts, speak to our Y1 children. They went on a Boggart hunt this week and managed to catch a glimpse of these mischieveous critters who seem to have taken up residence in our woodland!!
Happy autumn everyone!!



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