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Spring Blog.

We have enjoyed an amazing term with many exciting things happening. Our focus this term has been Geography and Music. It has been lovely to see so much music being done in school. The benefits to the children are huge and it has been a real pleasure to see so many children and staff enjoying learning. A visitor from Sheffield Music Hub came and asked the children what music meant to them.

‘With music, I feel calm.’

‘Without music I would just be a girl sat in the corner.’

‘It helps me relax and unwind.’

‘Music makes me happier.’

‘Life without music would be boring.’

‘English is made more fun with music.’

‘Music is everything!’

‘Music has made me more confident, I feel like I can talk to more people.’

‘It means being anything I want!’

‘If you forget something, you can just remember a song and it helps you remember – we made a song about punctuation to help us remember.’

It was lovely to see so many parents and families visit us on our Open Day. I hope you enjoyed sharing the learning with the children. We will be holding another Open Day towards the end of this term; the provisional date is Wednesday 11th July. Further details will be sent out by your class teacher nearer the time.

This term our focus is Design Technology. We will also be focusing on science skills and computing. We are constantly working with the children to develop their understanding of online safety, especially with the older children. Our Y6’s will be visiting ‘Crucial Crew’ next half term, which focuses on keeping themselves safe in a range of different settings and scenarios.

Our Y6 children are also preparing for their SATs in May. This can be a difficult and stressful time for everyone and I appreciate it is a controversial subject. Personally, I don’t have any objections to the children being tested at the end of KS2; the tests are a useful tool to judge progress and can help the next school to focus on gaps in learning. I also feel that it can help them to do their very best with exams in secondary education; if we can help them deal with the stress and pressure in a positive, supportive and caring way, I would hope they would be better prepared for whatever life throws at them.

However, I do object to the level of pressure and stress that the tests place on children and staff. At HGPS, we strive to find a balance. We want the children to take on board the importance of the tests, whilst being supported in developing revision plans and test techniques. We also talk a lot about mental health and the importance of talking to each other about things that might worry us. I have to say, the children are coping exceptionally well and whatever the outcome everyone will be very proud of them all.

The Y1 children will also be taking their Phonics Screening Check and the Y2 children will be sitting tests to support teacher assessment. These will be completed by the end of June.

If you do have any worries or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to speak to me or your class teacher.

In September, there will be some changes to class teachers and TA’s. We are currently reviewing staffing and will confirm your child’s teacher and TA at the start of next half term.

Important Dates for the Summer Term


Thank you all for your continued support. Only by working together, can we provide the very best for our children.

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