Year 5 blog week 1

Welcome back after the half term break.


In English this week, we thought about what it would be like to be an astronaut, taking off for a mission into space. We thought about the sights and sounds and the emotions that they would feel. Finally the children wrote stories in the role of the astronaut.


This week we began to work out intervals of time. This is something we will continue next week.


This week, the children learned about the rotation of the Earth and what causes night and day. They wrote explanations to show their understanding.

Design technology

The children have continued their work on rockets. They found out about a famous rocket and thought about the features that a rocket would need. They will continue with this learning and eventually will design and build their own rocket.


This half term, the children will learn athletic and netball skills. Please ensure they have their kit with them, including trainers, on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Visit to Space Centre

If you have not paid for this visit could you please do so as soon as possible.


This week’s prize winners are:

Reader of the week

Writer of the week


Well done to all of you.

Mrs Jones