Y5 14th October 2016

This week we have had Mrs Smales all week!!! It has been really fun. , she made us laugh and we’ve done some real interesting work!


This week in English, we have been writing sentences using powerful words to describe Ever Tree castle. We all wrote a statement as powerful as we could to make the reader want to know more.


This week we have been finding number patterns and prime numbers. We also learnt about square numbers and what they are. We went in the ICT suite and played on BBC Bitesize on a game called number patterns. This is also part of our homework to try and find number patterns and record them in our homework book.


This week we went into the Secret Garden as we were learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We built temporary  hut like structures like they did in the wilderness! We had great fun doing it and we decorated it with anything pretty!!! We plan to finish them off on Thursday and then in our groups have a snack and enjoy the work we’ve done to make them. We have had so much fun making them!

We all think they all look great!!! Maybe next week we can put a picture on to show you all.


In Art we have been finishing our Lowry figures. we had to cover them all in mod rock, it was very messy but great fun. We are all looking forward in painting them next week.


Reader of the Week goes to Carson, well done!

Mathematician of the week goes to Lewis , well done!

Writer of the week goes to Finlay, Well done!


See you next week!!!