Week beginning 13/06/16



It’s been a very rainy week which spoilt some of our plans. We should have been going to Thorncliffe for the day to play cricket against some other schools but with the weather been so horrible it was cancelled. We are hoping it will be rescheduled for another day. Fingers crossed!


In English we have been doing about Weston park museum and we have been writing a paragraph every day to make a persuasive brochure. Then we will do an assessment next week so we are practicing our skills by trying to persuade people to visit Weston Park this week.


In maths this week we  have been doing area and perimeter of compound shapes. We had to work out missing sides of a shape by using the facts we know about rectangles. Next week we are recapping algebra.



Everyone has enjoyed finishing their death masks and it has been really interesting seeing all the different colours on one mask. They can’t wait to show them off at home and on our spectacular display. We hope they get to do things like this at home as it will be very nice to see what they can do.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

By  Finlay , Freya and Hannah G