We are a Woodland School………….


On Friday afternoons the children in Y2 will enjoy exploring the Woodland and learning about the environment around us.  The philosophy of learning in the woodland is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

By participating in engaging, motivating and achievable tasks and activities in a woodland environment each participant has an opportunity to develop intrinsic motivation, sound emotional and social skills. These, through self awareness can be developed to reach personal potential.

Learning outside has demonstrated success with children of all ages who visit the same local woodlands on a regular basis and through play, who have the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others.

Through teaching and exploring the Woodland I aim for the children to develop;

These sessions will take place every Friday so please ensure your child has a pair of wellies and a change of clothes. These can be kept in the cloakroom on their pegs. During the summer months please provide your child with suntan lotion and a summer hat.

During the Summer term I will be inviting you to join us to take part in these fun, challenging and educational sessions, it will be great to have your involvement. I will keep you posted on dates nearer the time.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. If you have any questions please come and see me.

Lucy Harding